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a motorcyclist dead and the baltimore city police are looking for the driver of a black mercedes involved in a hit-and-run. good evening everyone i'm roosevelt leftwich. the crash happened in east baltimore. the man's body flipped several times before hit go ground. cheryl connor join us with the very latest on this investigation >> reporter: rosie police say there is significant damage on the driver's side of that black mercedes and again they are still looking for that car. today we learned the victim in this case will leave behind two young daughters.
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friends of 25-year-old gerard grant returned to the scene heartbroken and angry after learning the driver of a black mercedes hit his motorcycle which caused his death. >> to know someone actually hit him took off is devastating two little girls no longer have a dad eric baltimore city police say the hit-and-run happened saturday night around 7:00 in the 5200 block. erdman avenue. laura price witnessed the car hit grant's motorcycle. >> i heard like a wheelie i heard a pop i see the man flying in the air with his motorcycle three times he did landed on the ground. >> we was there and it was hard to watch. >> reporter: the crash followed road rage neighbors jumped in performed cpr before paramedics arrived. grant died at bayview hospital from his injuries. his friends say he came from a
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motorcycle family. in fact, the bike is set on his profile picture on facebook but police are focused on a car. >> i just want to say whoever the person is that did this i need you to come forward. there's a dad that's gone a close friends of mine that's gone. and he will be missed dearly. >> reporter: again police are still searching for the driver of that black mercedes. they say the mirror is missing on the driver's side, and it has significant damage. anyone with information is asked to call the accident investigation unit. that number (410)396-2409. we're live at baltimore city police headquarters cheryl conner abc 2 news. another motorcyclist is dead police believe alcohol may have been a factor here. it happened at the intersection. nams creek roads in glen burnie before midnight. a woman hit a deer with her car
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the deer stopped to a side hit to the side. his passenger suffered serious injury. they believe fabian had been drinking. it will be a long dark night for part of downtown after fire knocks out power to little italy it happened before 7:30 this morning underground power tunnel at the corner of fawn and hey streets. video shows flames shooting into the air. wear was knocked out to most of the area sending the area's restaurant scrambling. >> after three blizzards that happened all in one weekend having a transformer fire that knocks out par, knocks out another night not the best way to sort of continue in business, but hey, football was on tonight. we're all watching that anyway too. so it wasn't going to be a terribly busy night i don't think. but there's no way to tell. we're most concerned about
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saving our perishables. >> crews have been working all day will continue to work tonight to restore power to that area. they hope to have some back tonight and entire area restored by tomorrow morning. baltimore city firefighters respond to the city's fourth multiple alarm fire in as many days. this morning's 3 alarm fire broke out in a building intersection of windfall parkway. the building was under renovation the cause of this fire remains under investigation. and we now know the identity of two people found dead inside of a howard county home. 35-year-old clare stoudt and 49- year-old reginald van graves both died of gunshot wounds. a child found the bodies and went to a neighbor' home saying they have injured. police are still vet gateing but there doesn't seem to be any signs of forced entry and this may have been a domestic assault. a wet chilly ends to the
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weekend. >> let's take a live look outside at downtown baltimore where it feels very fall like tonight. can we expect the cooler temperatures to stick around through the work week? meteorologist charles is in the weather center. >> we are going to get some cool temperatures throughout the week but we're going to warm up as well. the good news we did get some rain today definitely needed that rain. we are looking at maryland most powerful radar we're not dealing with rain as of now. we got some this morning and it tapered now and the radar is dry, but we will be seeing it get more activity as we go into the end of the week. but right now we're looking at the satellite and radar, an we can see some clearing. so we do have some high pressure building in behind that front that passed through earlier today. but we do have a moist ground out there. those temperatures are going to be cooling what you're going to be waking up to we'll get patchy fog as well. be prepared for that.
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let me reminisce with you. you're looking into the inner harbor you saw those clouds roll in here earlier this morning. you can see some of those raindrops on the camera right there, and you can see a little glimpse of some sunshine as we went through the day as well. we did get a little bit of everything. the good news we got about 8 tenths of inch of rainfall. that temperature is coming in at 63 degrees. humidity at 97%. the winds on the light side going to help with the fog activity as well and north at about 3 miles an hour and the barometer at 30.03 an falling. so i have a lot to talk about. i'm going to talk about our new storm. we actually have a hurricane brewing out in the atlantic as well we're going to be talking about your 7-day forecast. back to you rosie. tea party activists are rallying in washington d. c. today marked the second annual 912 march on washington. activists march had on the
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washington monument. they oppose big government. in pennsylvania washington d. c. and in new york city it's a weekend of remembering. at ground zero work continues on a permanent memorial mourners gathered saturday to pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 lives lost on september 11th, 2001 when 19 hijackers took over four airliners they crashed into the world trade center pentagon and shanksville pennsylvania. shanksville first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush prayed in remembrance of the 40 who perished aboard flight 93. a day of remembrance that's how our area reflected. people paused to remember the
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day that the world trade center towers fell and how that changed our country. at 8:46 saturday morning exact time 9 years ago when the first plane hit the world trade center building in new york city howard county held a quiet ceremony in centennial park. ellen mackey lost her brother- in-law in that day. she brought her young son conner to pay tribute. >> he was one of the first responders and one of the first killed as well. not a day goes by we don't miss him. >> it means a lot because i only like met him a couple of times. >> reporter: four howard county residents lost their lives. the garden of hope was dedicated 8 years ago on the first anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. in anne arundel county a poignant reminder of the buildings that collapsed and the lives lost. memorial in millersville features two steel beams from the world trade center with
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smoke rising from the rubble. >> sometimes our country can become a little complacent. sometimes we need to take a moment from our lives to remember and thank them. >> and richard mcfeeley the fbi commander at the pentagon on 9/11 says our world is not absent of the hate that was seen on that day. >> the cold hard reality of today we live in a world many enemies want to attack us here in our homeland and in our communities. >> a washington d. c. festival takes a scary turn. a dog is shot and killed by a police officer leaving many wondering why went wrong. we'll hear from eyewitnesses. and a trip to the grocery store usually involves running in grabbing what you need and heading home right? well, not so fast. we'll tell you about a brand new style of customer service designed to help shoppers get in shape. . some much needed rain moved in early this morning but we're dry now. i'll tell you when you're going to get our next round of rain in the 7-day forecast that's
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coming up.
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. a dog is dead after it was shot and killed by a police officer following a scuffle with another dog at a washington d. c. festival. brianna carter from our sister station has more. >> reporter: a frightening situation for some at the adams morgan day festival after a d. c. police officer opened fire on a dog. >> i was in there and i heard some screaming and dogs barking. >> reporter: witnesses say after 1:00 two dogs began fighting on the sidewalk outside the brass knob in the 2300 block of 18th street. >> two dogs they were fighting and people tried to help separate them and they couldn't
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do it. >> reporter: witnesses say police arrived and attempted to stop the dispute. noah siegel was working when he noticed the commotion. >> i saw two or three cops surrounding a pit bull. one had its on the leash it was trying to attack the cop. >> reporter: that's when police fired one shot at the dog. >> i walked up the street and i heard a single pop. >> reporter: authorities confirmed an officer shot the dog but have yet to release any information on what led up to the shooting. many at the festival were surprised about what happened. >> i was hoping it was just a firecracker or something not serious. but it ended up being more serious than that. >> d. c. police chief responds the an e-mail from an advisory neighborhood commission says three people including a k-9 officer were all bitten by the dog the incident remains under investigation. well, is that jolt you're getting from that morning
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coffee or more than just the caffeine it could be the price. it could be coming soon. coffee has soared 44% since june. among the factors driving up factors bad weather in coffee growing regions of south america and the u. s. stock piles reported to be at ten year lows. consumers can expect to pay a lot more soon at the grocery store. speaking of the grocery store. most of us go there just to get the coffee pressure meet produce, toiletries. you're in and you're out. in the past some stores stepped up the shopping. as kelly swoope tells us there's an entirely new type of customer being served. >> reporter: getting some kids to eat their veggies is no easy task. mom, peggy ott knows this firsthand. when she wanted the know the secret for getting her kids to eat healthy she turned to a dietician one she found at her
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grocery store. >> you can take this and great it and add it to your meat. >> reporter: she offers advice from building balanced meals to tips on avoiding snacking. >> you want protein and fiber in your serials so that you stay full longer in the morning. >> reporter: they review shopping lists and suggests more nutritional options. >> which in this case is even a cheaper product. >> reporter: peter larkin presidents and ceo of the national grocers association says many stores are hiring in store dieticians who will walk the aisles and offer shoppers advice on how to make healthier choices. >> it's a hot topic with a lot of buzz in the industry. >> reporter: a recent survey found 77% of shoppers would hike their store to offer nutritional services. >> consumers are more and more concerned these days about their own health their own wellness. >> reporter: grocery chains all over the country are adding dieticians to the staff as
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stores serve up new resources. >> in store signage in store menus 1-800-numbers directly to a dietician. >> reporter: some stores have incorporated a point system which weights every food's nutritional value the higher the number the more nutrition. american diabetic association gives thumbs up to this. customers are hungry for better openings. >> i am seeing a trend in the shoppers. they are more educated and have a lot of interest in health, the special help is important to those with special needs. >> high beats, heart disease high blood pressure need low sodium foods and increase in the number of people looking for information about the gluten free diet. >> reporter: it's a service she'll use again. >> she's not judgmental on your choices she's very helpful. >> reporter: kelly swoope abc
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2 news. now the service we spoke with say most services are free customers request for extensive personalized services are charged a minimal fee. i was taking a peek at the map and igor looks really mean. >> i get the chills. i know, it's not good. the good thing about it it's way out in the atlantic as of now. as a meteorologist we love to see that classic buzz shaw shape of a hurricane. i'm going to show all of that to you in just a second. i have the chill so i'm going to talk about what we need to talk about. statistics for you, we should be at 79 degrees now for this time of the year. and today we came in at 68 degrees for a high. so that's definitely showing you that we did get some rain in here, some much needed rain across the area. and our low for this time of
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the year should be right around 58 degrees. we're at 62. record set back in 1931, the high 96 degrees then and 43 degrees set back in 1967 and we got 8 tenths of an inch of rainfall. definitely needed that rain thank goodness we did get the rain pause for the beginning of the month the month of september, well, we were below oh, about 8 tenths of an inch of ray little below that. since january we were below 8 tenths of an inch of rain. so you can see these numbers here, you can see where the rain fell because we're in the 60s basically everywhere in new york, 68 in baltimore dover 68, same into philly and easton right around 64. you can see where the sun actually peaked out a little bit got a little sunshine into winchester and charlottesville. temperatures at 80 and 84. we're looking at the temperatures right now, and
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they are starting to cool down right around 63 degrees into baltimore. the ground is still moist out there with these cooling temperatures yes we could see patchy fog when you wake up in the morning. so definitely take it easy on your commute to work tomorrow. 57 degrees right now york. hager town 61. cooler into oakland coming in at 55 degrees. this is the scenario right now. this is high pressure building in behind the system right here that's working its way out into the atlantic. so that's definitely moving away from us. now you also see another cold front pack here towards the west. this is going to work its way through, now i don't believe that it's going to get us as we go into tomorrow it will stay into pennsylvania maybe bring a few showers across that area. i say maybe around rush hour maybe around 5:00 in the evening. so this is what i've been waiting to show you. let me start with the small storm first i'll start you out with tropical storm julia south of the cape verde islands. not going to impact land
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anytime soon. this is the one that rosie and i were just talking about had thus hurricane igor. you can see that well-defined eye. that eye wall is very impressive as of now. let's get statistics on hurricane igor. we can see the winds now sustained at 150 miles per hour. you add 6 more miles an hour to this and this will be a category 5 in no time. moving west about 11 miles an hour, and it is to the southwest of bermuda as of now. goes into motion here and we can see it coming up here as a category 4. before it was a category 5 at some point it did strengthen and what's going to happen it has its eyes set on bermuda. you can see that cone. why we're going to watch it against on that track to see how close it gets to the east coast once again. we're definitely going to keep you updated on hurricane igor. >> as we check out what's going on on your zen we can see as the clouds are out of here we get clearing in the forecast. remember the front was going to clip pennsylvania tomorrow. well there it is right now a few showers across that area.
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for the most part we will stay dry i'm going to call sun cloud mix as we go throughout the day tomorrow. this is what it looks like right now through the overnight. mostly cloudy patchy fog in the forecast. temperature right around 59 degrees. tomorrow 82, patchy fog early then that sun cloud mix as we go throughout the day. then tomorrow night 66 degrees increasing clouds and it won't be as cool, and here's that 7- day forecast. 82. we will get a little cooler as we go into tuesday. wednesday looks good. we have a dry front moving through, and then by thursday and friday chance of some more showers to work their way in as another system comes in we look good for the weekend as of now. back to you rosie. well, it was a trip to asia without ever leaving baltimore county. and they are running asian arts and cultural center at to you son university hosted the many moons festival this weekend. service ors had achiness to
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sample food watch performances and arts and carts china phillipines and indonesia. afternoon more than a month pg trapped beneath the ground miners in chile get some conveniencees. plus residents return home with to what's being described as a surreal seen as a gas explosion levels a california neighborhood.
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. . residents of the san bruno california neighborhood that were leveled by a natural gas explosion thursday night took the first steps today the returning to their normal lives. t. j. win nick has more. >> reporter: those residents not in the devastation area have begun to return. >> beginning at noon residents will go home in stages. >> reporter: they had to
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present photo i.d.s and receive wrist bands before they were escorted back to their homes. as for those in the devastation area. >> those residents will not be allowed to go home today. >> reporter: the city manager says they will have to wait at least another day to access what's left of their property. those who do return are being directed to throw away all perishable food items special bins are being set up to receive trash. the power company pga and county health officials are providing personnel to answer questions and assure residents their homes are safe to return to. what caused the explosion is still ace my true they are focusing on pipe failure and the people responsible for the flow of gas as well. >> drug and alcohol we're looking at whether discipline whether they had awards. all those aspect relating to the people involved in the operation. >> reporter: there's a question of more victims. >> we discovered remains yesterday at a location we're
11:26 pm
in the process of doing forensic testing. >> reporter: the remains may belong to previous victims or they may be new victims. t. j. win nick abc news. after 38 days underground the 33 trapped miners in chile now have some of the modern conveniences we take for granted a new line bringing them electricity fresh running water fresh air and fiberoptic communication. there are now three drilling operations ab and c working to get them out. best home hope is about the men will filially be able to come out sometime in november. an underground discovery of another kind was made in southern maryland it's pretty cool. a dolphin skull. you can make it outright there that's estimated to be about 16 million years old. these are pictures of the excavation. the skull was found 3 months ago this weekend students from an evolution class at harrisburg university helped to dig it out. a pal yen toll gist from the calvert marine new seem says the dolphin was underwater died
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and was covered with set i. the fossil will be on display at the museum in just a few weeks. lynnette has another check of the forecast coming up on this pretty nice night outside.
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. . much needed rain today. >> much needed rain. >> beautiful day tomorrow. >> it's going to be nice tomorrow i'm going to forecast some sun cloud mix out this but all in all a nice looking day.
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temperature right around at 59 degrees. by 8:00 we're going to see more clouds in here as a dry cold front is going to move through the area. nice looking day get out there and enjoy it. >> that's all for us tonight. thanks for watching. remember you can get all the stories at go there right after this show. we'll see you.
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